Volunteers Needed

In order for the 7th Annual LNE Spring Swing on March 24th to run successfully, we need adults who are willing to help with organizing and running the event. Please look below to see if you would be willing to take charge of any of these needs. If you are able to volunteer, please let Mr Snyder know. We plan to have a sign up genius link in the near future.

Concessions: – 2-4 Parents/Adults
Organize, Shop and manage the concession for that night. There’s a fair amount of chips, pop, candy, etc. left over from, “The Rock” Show Choir contest. Volunteers can set up Friday Night, March 23.

Ticket Table: – 6 parents/Adults
2 adults in 3, 2 hour shifts to take tickets throughout the night

Floor Monitors: 10-12 Parents/Adults
4 Adults in 3, 2 hour Shifts to walk the floor and home rooms to monitor for security and or help out when needed.

Decoration: 4-6 Parents/Adults
These volunteers would decorate tables Friday Night, March 23. This doesn’t need to be lavish, basically because we are on a very limited budget. There are some supplies available. You can look through the supplies and use what you would like. Or if you have ideas for students to creative, let us know and I’m sure there would be students who would volunteer.

Stage Set up/Tear down: 4 Parents/Adults

These volunteers would supervise and help move risers, speakers, lights, etc. on Friday Night, March 23, and then tear down afterwards on Saturday, March 24.

Clean up: As many as possible
After the Swing is over, we are asking everyone to stay afterwards to clean up and put away.

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