Taking Care of Your Uniforms, Costumes, Instruments and Voice

Uniforms & Costumes: Uniforms are an important part of our school. They represent our distinction and pride among the community and guests. It is vital that care is taken while wearing and storing the uniform and good judgment and behavior be modeled while in uniform. Band uniforms are not to be taken home or worn outside of school, nor are choir costumes and robes to be worn outside of school without teacher permission. Storage of Marching Uniforms, Concert Uniforms, and Concert Choir Robes will be at LNE.   Parents and students must request permission to have additional dry-cleanings done on the uniforms and robes. Any extra dry-cleanings will be at the student’s cost and must be taken to the location provided by the directors…currently “Dry Clean City” dry-cleaners.

Policy- While under the student’s use or possession, should a school owned uniform or robe be damaged or lost, it will be the student’s/parent’s obligation to repair or replace the damaged attire before the financial obligation will be removed.

Instruments & Voice: All students are expected to care for your instrument whether in choir or band. Vocalists are expected to use their voice correctly especially around a performance time. This includes refraining from yelling or straining your vocal chords for any reason. ALL instrumentalists are expected to have a cleaning cloth in your case and use it daily. Extra reeds, valve oil, slide grease and rosin are the student’s responsibility and are expected to be in cases at all times. Reed players are urged to use Vandoren WOOD reeds and have two extra on hand. Students should not eat or chew gum and then play their instruments without rinsing out mouth first. Random checks of the instrument cases will occur. Any student using a school owned instrument must fill out an instrumental loan agreement first and will be responsible for repair or replacement for any damage beyond basic wear and tear, which includes a parent signature.

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