Student Booster Account and Fundraising

Every music student in an LNE Performing Ensemble will have the opportunity to fund-raise. Fund-raiser money will be deposited into the LNE Music Booster Student Account and a spreadsheet with each individual student’s account/ funds will be kept. This account is set up automatically for the student by the Booster Treasurers. At the start of a fund-raiser the Boosters will give out an information packet that clearly outlines how to proceed with the fund-raiser and will state how the profits will be split. Sometimes students earn all of their own profit for their individual account and sometimes the profits are split with the Boosters for the general account. If an event (such as “Dessert Bars”) is sponsored by the Boosters, the profits all go directly to the Booster organization. Students will NEVER be required to fund-raise. We strongly encourage fund-raising to help the boosters as they are a financial support system for our LNE Music Department.   Booster funds help pay for the following: additional instructors/coaches, choreographers, drill writers and music arrangers; classroom furniture and supplies, truck and bus rentals, meals and sponsored activities, celebrations and events, scholarships and more. They are a vital part of the music department so we encourage every participant to support this group.

Student booster funds are non-reimbursable. Students may pass money down to a sibling that is attending LNE within one year of their graduation. Student money can be used for the following:

  1. Summer Camps
  2. Large group trips travel expenses (no personal money)
  3. Attending operas, musicals, concerts sponsored by the LNE Music Department (not things you chose to go to on your own).

Student booster funds are not to be used for the following:

  1. Food expense on a trip.
  2. Personal items of any type or spending money.

The boosters will be revisiting whether fund-raising money can apply to required costumes, etc. An addendum to the handbook will be made once this decision has been made.

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