Show Choir Me the Money

Show Choir: as of 10/31/17: $150 contribution + $300-$375 costume payment

This can be paid in the LNE Book Room with cash, check or card.
You can call the LNE Book Room and pay over the phone as well (402)436-1303

The contribution amount is used for our busing, music costs, competition fees, etc. Costumes cannot go home with the students until they are paid off.

You should start seeing the bill for your music classes appear right in the student gradebook. It will show as an outstanding bill. As you make payments, the dollar amount owed will change until it is completely paid off. Your payments can be made directly from your home at your convenience.

Fee Waivers: All students on Free and Reduced Lunch are eligible for a Fee Waiver. The Fee Waiver covers the cost of costuming and uniform parts needed for class. It DOES NOT cover contribution costs. The Fee Waiver forms can be found in the LNE front office. Fee Waiver assistance money does not get applied until the spring so those accounts will show the full dollar amount owed until the end of the school year. The district does expect continued efforts in fund-raising to help combat those Fee Waiver costs.

The October 1st final deadline has passed to request Fee Waiver assistance.
Any questions or concerns, please contact Sandra Ourada or Doug Weatherholt in the LNE front office.

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