RADA Sales!

Selling Dates: AUGUST 14TH – AUGUST 27TH
Orders and Money Due: AUGUST 28th by 3:15pm – Turn in Room 170

RADA Cutlery has been around for years and is very well known. The cutlery is GREAT, some of the best nationally. In addition to the cutlery, RADA has an entire line a baking stones, cooking products, and food mixes. The mixes are great and we already have people asking if we are selling again so they could purchase in time for football games and Thanksgiving. Do not worry – When it arrives, students are not walking around with knives, these products are high quality and are delivered in well-sealed packaging. There are products of all price ranges, so it allows people that want to help support our organization and students (but cannot spend a lot of money) do so without ‘breaking the bank’.

Post Author: Melinda Mattson