RADA Fundraiser

The RADA fund-raiser was sent home 9/20 with the kids. Please be on the look-out for it. Selling time will run for two weeks. Included in the packet is an info sheet with all of the selling information that you need. Be sure that the form is filled out correctly and that hand-writing on the sheet is easy to read so errors to the order are not made.

Dates: Wed. 9/20-10/4
Collection: Money must be collected at the time of the order placement.
Checks payable to “LNE Music”.
Instructions and Information: The instruction sheet is part of the packet. You can also look for it
as a separate attachment to this same email.
Purpose: Money can be used for contribution fee, costume/uniform fee, all-state auditions, etc.
Money can also be saved in the student’s booster account for future trips/travel expenses.

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