Marching Band FAQ

Q- What should I bring to band camp?
A- sunscreen, athletic shoes, lyre, flip folder, drum sticks/mallet, sunglasses, athletic shorts, water bottle, deodorant, athletic socks

Q- What about for performances?
A- Non-printed white t-shirt, long black sock, athletic shorts

Q- Is transportation provided to all events?
A- We will provide transportation for all Saturday competitions in October (Oct 7, 14, 21). Any additional travel
(football games, Seacrest rehearsals) need to be accommodated for by guardians or carpool.

Q- How much does marching band cost?
A- Marching band comes down to two prices: Uniform and contribution. Uniform costs are one-time only, unless sizes
change and a student may need a new music polo or gloves/shoes from year to year. The contribution costs cover
transportation to our three contests, coach fees, and music fees. We can only make this season happen with your help!
Uniform (one time) – $88 Contribution – $90 Instrument (Including all percussion) Rental- $50

Q- We are on the fee waiver/free or reduced lunch, what does that mean for us?
A- FILL OUT A FEE WAIVER FORM. There is a deadline in the early fall and you don’t want to miss this date. The uniform
orders will be covered. Contribution fees, however, cannot change since these contributions are the marching band’s
direct expenses to function.

Q- What is expected of our student during marching band?
A- Students are expected to:
a. Be here – On time and present, and attentive during rehearsals.
b. Have all materials – Working instrument, music, lyre, drill charts to ALL rehearsals
c. Memorization – Students will be expected to have the show memorized at certain benchmark points during the
season. We will be available to help any who need it.
d. Have fun! Hard work promotes fun. We can do both!

Q- What summer obligations are there? What if we have a planned vacation?
A- Drumline and Color Guard rehearse during the summer weekly, with a week-long Drumline camp in June. This is new
this year.
B- For any woodwind and brass player, we have rehearsals scattered throughout July. They will be VERY helpful to make
the season start off on the right foot. But if you have vacations planned during these individual dates, that is alright. It is
important to go on your vacations if you have them planned!
C- Check the dates for Band Camp. Be here for this if at all possible!!
a. Drumline/Guard – July 23-Aug 3
b. All – July 30-Aug 3

Q- What do we do if our student is involved in other activities? (Football, cheer, etc)
A- Tell your coach that your student will be involved in marching band, and that we will be very accommodating for any
activity. If there are conflicts with band: Performances always take priority over practice, Games always take priority over rehearsal. If it is a performance or a game, the varsity group takes precedence. In the case of marching band, marching band is a varsity activity for all students. If there are two conflicting varsity events, student must work it out with coaches and directors and make the best choice on their own. This is where communication is key for directors AND coaches!

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