LNE Music Booster Meeting Notes April 10, 2017

Treasurer’s Report: Checking Account: $27,337.21   Instrument Fund (formerly Savings): $2,832.70   Student Accounts: $4,422.30

Spring Swing retrospective:

  • Too much food – kids thought Canes was too expensive; we make more on the pizzas; only have one option next year
  • Some kids left early b/c no balloon drop; discuss alternatives for next year
  • Waiting on invoice from Josh
  • At this point $2,091 was made (this is w/o Josh’s invoice)

Teacher conference: boosters provided taco bar by Taco Inn; too many chips (had 2 different kinds); not enough meat (ran out); not enough plates; $300 to serve 100; check in to Subway next year (Anna’s friend may be able to help)

Upcoming Events: Elections – 4/24, Next Booster Meeting – 5/22, Info Night – 5/1 – booster table? Will discuss with Amy, Rock Show, Sherri will talk to Amy about sign-up genius, Dessert bar Fri and Sat, Flowers (Brooke), Deirdre – Wal-Mart/Sam’s for donations, Finale Concert – 5/16 – Sherri taking care of flowers for senior parent boosters


  • Tupperware – 350 catalogs/ended up w/only 7 orders
  • Pie – still may do (graduations, Mother’s Day, etc.)
  • Urban Legends (Anna) – will send dates to Irene to put together some fundraising events
  • Movie Night (Amanda checking on) – HD projector, big screen, possible food trucks; Mr. Snyder checking on facilities request to see if we could use football/baseball fields

Tri-M Report

  • Requested $200 for candy for their retreat.
  • When discussing budget in June add an amount for Tri-M next year
  • One Tri-M member at each meeting – could rotate responsibility

Other Business:

  • Flowers for Heather’s memorial were purchased
  • Tina putting together ballot

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