Spectator info for 9/30 Marching Band performance at Memorial Stadium

Q: What are the ticket prices to attend these games at Memorial Stadium? Can I use my regular season pass to get in?
Prices for the games at Memorial Stadium will be the same as regular season games – Adults $6.00 and K-12 $4.00. HAC passes, LPS passes, gold cards and online tickets will also be accepted. Online Tickets can be purchased at www.statechamps.com/buy-tickets

Q: Where can I park if I want to attend the game and is there a fee to park?
Spectators and Media can park in the West Stadium Parking Garage on Stadium Drive, in UNL Lot 8 north of the stadium and in the horseshoe loop east of the stadium free of charge. Other garages or locations will be available, but may cost to park there. These designated locations will have handicapped parking available.

Q: Where are spectator entrances, seating and concessions?
HOME – West Stadium: Entrance and Ticket Sellers will be located at GATE 10
Student Seating-Section 26 and Band Seating-Section 25

VISITOR – East Stadium: Entrance and Ticket Sellers will be located at GATE 22
Student Seating-Section 6 and Band Seating -Section 7

Cheer and Dance teams will be located on the stadium apron in front of the student and spectator section.

Handicap accessible entrances are available. Once you have purchased a ticket you can enter the stadium through Gate 11 or Gate 24. Concessions will be available on both sides of the stadium in the center of the outer concourse walkway. Restrooms are located to either the right or left of the concessions areas.

Q: Who will have access to be on the field at Memorial Stadium?
Only players, coaches and individuals with stadium credentials will be given field access.

Parents and fans will be expected to be in their respective stadium locations throughout the game aside from senior recognition activities. Parents of those being honored will be allowed to be on the field during the recognition ceremony and then will be required to return to their seats in the stands.

The bands and dance teams will also be given access onto the field to perform during pregame and halftime and then will also return to their respective assigned locations.

Only Media with NSAA credentials and individuals with Seacrest media sideline passes will be given field access and must follow regular sideline expectations.

Q: What are the rules and expectation for fans at Memorial Stadium?
Stadium rules for these high school games will be the same as they are at Seacrest Field. Good sportsmanship and respectful behavior towards opponents, fans and officials is always expected.

No outside food or beverages will be allowed in the stadium and smoking is prohibited. Stadium seats will be allowed to be brought into the stadium.

The NO RE-ENTRY policy will also be enforced so it is important that fans make sure that they have everything they need when they enter the stadium.

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