Honor Band Opportunities

Honor bands not only give students reasons to practice and work on something more in depth than the school concert band setting, they also allow students to meet other talented students from around the state, work with renowned conductors from the area, and earn lettering points for a letter at the end of the year. Email Mr. Vuu or Mr. Snyder if you have any questions about audition processes or materials.

Hastings College Honor Band/Orchestra
– Deadline Nov 14, Perform Feb 1-3
– Grades 10-12
– Selected portions of etudes, preferably showing contrasting movements, chromatic scale

UNO Boch Festival (Band and Orchestra)
– Deadline Nov 20, Perform Jan 26-28
– Chromatic scale, two contrasting etudes (can be all-state etudes)

UNL Winter Winds (Band Only)
– Grades 10-12
– Deadline Nov 22, Perform Jan 19-21
– 4 scales (2 flat scales, 2 sharp scales), one solo composition of your choice, one etude

Wayne State Honor Band
– Deadline Nov 27, Perform Jan 27
– Concert C scale, concert Ab scale in full range, excerpt found on website

Wesleyan Honors Festival (Band and Orchestra)
– Deadline Dec 1, Perform Feb 8-10
– Two contrasting etudes of your choice, major scales

UNL Young Artist Awards (Band and Orchestra)
– Juniors only!
– Deadline Dec 8, Awards April 4
– Up to 3 minute solo repertoire, teacher letter of recommendation

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