Ho Ho Ho Lot of Fun

WHERE: LNE Music Rooms
WHEN: November 27th- December 8
COST: $10 -20 total spending amount
– Students will exchange names in classes after Thanksgiving weekend. B
– Between November 27th and December 8th students will bring small gifts (a candy bar, a pop, etc.) with notes attached that either hint at who they are or notes intended to throw off their recipient. The small gifts should not exceed $10 total.
– Gifts should be placed at the front of the classroom and will be handed out on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the beginning of class.
– At the end of the two weeks, the final gifts will either be exchanged during a specified class period or at a planned retreat. The large gift should not exceed $10.

Students DO NOT have to participate. This is not associated with class curriculum or grading. It is a fun side activity sponsored by Tri M to support camaraderie between students in the music department.

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