Handling Concerns

Students, parents and staff members are expected to handle concerns in a respectful manner and order.

  1. Document your concern in either a note or e-mail with a phone number for the teacher to call for conferencing. This concern should not be discussed publically. Put it in a sealed envelope and place in the teacher’s mailbox. Please keep in mind that e-mails, although convenient, do not always allow the reader to understand the tone or intent. Phone conferences are a great means of communication for people with busy schedules. They must be scheduled ahead of time. The music department runs before/after school rehearsals nearly every day, so it is best to schedule a time that is convenient for both parties. Do not call the administration first. They will refer you back to the teacher to conference prior to becoming involved.
  2. If phone or e-mail conferencing does not correct the concern, please schedule an appointment to talk with the teacher. This will be done in either the music department office or school conference room after school with at least one other music director present.
  3. If resolution still is not obtained, then a conference including an administrator or counselor will be scheduled. If it is a policy concern, the parent and student may need to decide whether they will continue participating.

It is the responsibility of the directors to be consistent with the rules and procedures in the handbook.   When emergency circumstances occur- the policies may discussed on an individual basis. These are handled on an individual basis.

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