School Grading Scale:            District Grading Scale:                         LNE Music Scale:

A =90-100                                        80% Summative Assessments                    The LNE Music Dept. will

B+=85-89                                         20% Formative Assessments                     adhere to both the LNE and

B =80-84                                                                                                                    District grading scales.

C+=75-79                                                                                                                    Basic point spreads are used

C =70-74                                                                                                                     to determine course grading.

D+=66-69                                                                                                                   See descriptions below…

D =60-64

F=59 and below

Weekly participation: 10 points per week (2 points per day)

Points are subtracted for gum, lack of bringing required materials, talking or failure to participate.

Classwork, Worksheets, Small Activities, Uniform/Instrument/Music Inspection: 5 OR 10 points per assignment or inspection.

Quizzes, Large Activities: 25 OR 50 points

Quizzes will be both written and performance based (sung or played). Uniform is NOT required at the dress rehearsal unless the teacher requires this ahead of time.

Dress Rehearsals: 50 points

Tests and Performances: 100 points

Points are subtracted for late arrival, lack of required attire or behavior at the event. This includes behavior while watching other groups perform.

The music department asks that students be as efficient and quick as possible when making up missing work. Please conference with the teacher if you have missed excessive days and need more time due to work required in other classes as well. Extra credit is not given in LNE music classes. It is expected that students give their best at all times. Any extra that a student does will be put towards earning their music letter.

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