Respecting Facilities:

  1. Students are to only use what is theirs and not touch property of other students.
  2. NO food, gum or drink in the music classrooms. Water will be allowed with permission only.
  3. Teacher’s work tables, roller chairs and desks are off limits to students. Students need to knock before entering the department office.
  4. Classroom clean-up is expected at the end of each hour including properly storing instruments, chairs, stands and folders.
  5. Book bags and instrument cases need to be stored during rehearsal as designated by the teacher. The music rooms and lockers are not to be used as a personal storage space. Backpacks and personal items are to be stored in hallway lockers, not in music rooms.
  6. Leave an aisle in the center of the group for the director to walk through during rehearsals.
  7. Students checking out school instruments and uniforms are expected to go through the required district process for obtaining these items.
  8. Students are expected to seek permission before using classroom equipment.

Respecting Each Other:

  1. Raise hand in class and follow school procedures at all times including dismissal for locker, restroom, nurse and counselor visits.
  2. Bullying and hazing will not be tolerated. Result of this behavior will be dismissal from the music program.
  3. Support for EVERY student in the music department is expected IN and OUTSIDE of class.
  4. Inappropriate comments about classmates will not be tolerated and action will be taken by the directors.
  5. Cell phones and any other distracting devices are not allowed in the classroom or during any performance.
  6. When needing to be absent from a rehearsal or event, fill out REQUEST FOR EXCUSED ABSENCE form ahead of time so the teacher and classmates may plan ahead.
  7. It is expected that every member of the music department shows support for other LNE music groups by attending concerts outside of their own venue.
  8. Students are expected to be at ALL required rehearsals, performances and events.

Respecting Yourself and What You Do:

  1. tudents are expected to practice OUTSIDE of class.
  2. Rehearsal and memorization deadlines are expected to be met to assure the highest quality performance.
  3. When written work is given, it is expected that students treat it as any other assignment and meet the due date while turning in quality work in which effort has clearly been shown.
  4. Take care of yourself and your own equipment.
  5. Everyone is expected to act respectful, polite and mature while using appropriate language in school uniform or costume or anytime they are representing LNE music.
  6. Outside behavior may affect whether students are allowed to participate in the LNE music department events.

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