Expectations for Rooms & Equipment

  1. Music, musical instruments

    All instruments need to be stored in cases and locked in lockers.

  2. All music is to be stored in folders and put in the folio cabinets. Not lockers or storage rooms or floor.
  3. Instruments need to be wiped down EVERY time a student plays them.
  4. Percussion equipment is not to be moved out of its performance areas. All drumsets are fully equipped with cymbals and stands and pieces should not be borrowed or moved from the sets. They are color-coded for this reason.
  5. All mallets and sticks should be kept in the appropriate designated holders along with auxiliary instruments. We should never find snare sticks, beaters or mallets broken in have. Each set runs betwenn $15-$50. Most of our mallets run on average of $30 per pair. We purchased all new mallets two years ago and over half have been broken.
  6. All flags and guard equipment needs to be brought back and returned to the guard room. The silks are to be taken off and folded/stored in the tubs for future use. We are currently missing three wood rifles.
  7. All personal belongings need to be taken home. There are currently piles of clothes and other items left from the rooms gathered in room 170A.
  8. All extra mouthpieces and mutes are to be stored in the Instrumental Office (Mr. Snyder’s office). They are not to be found laying in lockers or on the floor in storage rooms.
  9. All flip folders, marching butt bags, etc. need to be returned. They were due back to us at the end of October, however we only have about half of the flip folders returned.
  10. Pianos and practice rooms should be kept clean. The lids of pianos need to be closed when they are done and all chairs and stands need to be taken out and put away. The practice rooms are to be used for practice only- NOT HANG OUT LOCATIONS.
  11. When the sound systems are being used in any of the rooms, the equipment needs to be turned off when done. All aux cords provided by LNE need to be left with our equipment and not taken by students.
  12. All LNE supplies including music, folders, rosin, bows, etc. need to be put away appropriately. Original copies of solo/ensemble music are not to go home with students.
  13. Students are NOT to go into the music library and help themselves to music. We have several original copies missing now as a result.
  14. All instruments (both personally owned and school owned) should be getting cleaned EVERY year. New reeds or slide grease does not count as upkeep. Cleaning and minor repairs need to be done regularly.


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