NSAA State Large Ensemble Contest

April 16, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Lincoln High School
2229 J St
Lincoln, NE 68510
NSAA State Large Ensemble Contest @ Lincoln High School | Lincoln | Nebraska | United States

Monday, April 16th is the LPS District/State Music Festival. Each performing group has a different itinerary as there are different performance times throughout the day. We will be performing the same music as we did for contest. This time we will be adjudicated for either a I, II, or III rating. (I= Superior, II= Excellent, III= Participant). The event is held at Lincoln High School and is our most important event of the school year for our music department. Friends and family are welcome to attend. The event is free to the public. All vocal performances are held in the LHS Auditorium and Instrumental performances in the LHS Gym. This event is worth 200 Summative points in the gradebook.

LNE SINGERS: MUST BE AT SCHOOL NO LATER THAN 7:30AM ON MONDAY, APRIL 16TH. Come wearing your black pants, socks, dress shoes, etc. We will grab the choir robes and load the bus in front of the school by 7:40am. We will leave promptly at 7:40am. If students do not make the arrival/departure time, they will not be attending as we will not wait. Our performance time at LHS is 8:40am. We will be back at school by 9:40am. Students have already received a school excusal for the class periods when we are LHS. This grade CANNOT BE MADE UP. It is impossible to pass the class without this performance. It is SO IMPORTANT THAT THE KIDS ARE TO SCHOOL ON TIME. This performance is the entire point of taking the class. If they need to carpool with someone else to ensure they have a ride, please make those plans with them now.

CONCERT CHOIR: Students meet in auditorium during 3rd hour for one last dress rehearsal. After 3rd hour- ALL Concert Choir students take first lunch. At 11:20am, come to the choir room to pick up robe and load the bus in front of the school. Head over to LHS for a 12:20pm warm-up and a 12:40pm performance. This performance is adjudicated and will receive one of the following: I= Superior, II= Excellent, III= Participant. Students will be back in class for the 2nd half of 6th period and all of 7th hour. Excusals have already been run.

WIND ENSEMBLE: Excused Periods 1-4 (Both lunches)- Bus – Pick up at 8:20 am- Warm up Time – 9:20 am- Performance Time – 9:45 am- Bus – Return at – 10:30 am

SYMPHONIC BAND: Excused Periods 3-5- Bus – Pick up at 10:00 am- Warm up Time – 11:00 am- Performance Time – 11:25 am- Bus – Return at 11:45 am

– Lunch as soon as we get back, unloaded and we will go together as a group.

ORCHESTRA (Everyone will ride the bus to LHS. Can ride home with a Parent if a note is given prior to 4 pm departure.)- Bus – Pick up at 4:00 pm- Warm up Time – 5:00 pm- Performance Time – 5:25 pm- Bus – Return at 5:45 pm

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