Dynamics costumes & makeup

Alterations need to be made on most of the show choir costumes. Fortunately, the majority of these alterations are simple and cheap. Most girls need to hem their leggings so that they sit at their anklebone. This is something that anybody who can sew can do. Some of the dresses need to be darted along the bust line, and then the straps adjusted accordingly. The sequin shirts could also use a dart so that they fit their shape better. The dresses and sequin shirts should really be taken to a seamstress for these alterations, as the fabric is much more difficult and is easy to mess up. Your student will know what needs to be done with their costume. A couple seamstress recommendations:

J Dee Alterations – 1401 N. 56th Street, 402-464-1135
Deligiannis Demetrios – Wells Fargo Building Downtown, 402-474-3421

Costumes need to be back at the school by Dec. 6. Students have been advised to take their garment bags home if they need alterations. Please store these costumes in a safe, smoke-free, odor-free area. Do not store them in the car. As soon as they are altered, please bring them straight back to the school. We need all costumes back by our rehearsal on Dec. 6 so that we can practice our costume change. There is a very fast costume change in the show, and all of the girls need ample time to practice. There are three students that are waiting on size exchanges – everybody else should be able to get these in and done over Thanksgiving Break. 🙂

Tights and Underbody Garment also need to be obtained by Dec. 6. Many of you have already found these. Awesome! If you haven’t yet, please make sure to not wait until the last minute, as sometimes you might need to order online.

Makeup – All of these products can be found at Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. From a competition standpoint, one of the categories that we are judged on is our visual effect. Our costumes, hair, and makeup all fit into this category and receive points based on how uniform we are. If one girl has a different lip color, for example, we will lose points. Foundation is essential, otherwise we will all look like ghosts on the stage. The false eyelashes make our eyes more noticeable when we are up on the stage, and our eyes are the most important part of our overall look because that is how we express emotion (another category that is being judged!) We will have a makeup day where we go through each step to creating the show choir face. 🙂
Foundation – Any Brand, One Shade Darker than you usually wear Price Varies
Eye Primer – Any Brand Price Varies
Blush and Contour – Maybelline Master Contour by Face Studio (Light to Medium or Medium to Deep depending on your skin tone) $9.98
Eyeshadow Pallette – Wet n Wild Au Naturel – 754A, Nude Awakening $5.62
Lip Color – Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit – Berry Recognize $5.70
False Eyelashes and Eyelash Glue – Any Brand, Full or Dramatic – not natural Price Varies
Mascara – Black – Any Brand Price Varies
Brushes – Any Brand (elf brushes are $1) – you will need a blush brush, a contour brush, a crease eyeshadow brush, and a fluffy eye blender brush. The brushes they include in the products do not get the job done. You can also find a full brush set for under $10.

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