Attention Parents

If you’re on this site you must have an LNE music student…Congratulations! You’re an LNE Music Booster family.

You’re thinking, “That’s nice, but I’m way too busy for that.”

Did you know: from marching to show choir, each year LNE music students participate in:

• 19 area contests & festivals
• 6 vocal + 5 instrumental concerts at LNE
• 7 football games & 10+ basketball games
• 4 large special events: the musical, The Rock, Spring Swing, Rock Show

That’s WAY too much for 4 teachers to coordinate on top of their daily classes & after school rehearsals. The LNE Music Boosters is a group of parent volunteers who come together to assist the band and choir directors.

And for 2018-19 we’re making it easier for you to actively participate. We’re dividing the booster parents into two sub-groups: instrumental and vocal. You can tailor your involvement based on the ensemble your student belongs to. Attending your sub-group’s monthly meeting is not required, but it is your opportunity to have a voice in decisions and planning.

If you have fundraising ideas, send your suggestions to

From uniform check-out to t-shirt design, alterations to pubic relations – whatever your time or talent allows, we’ll take it! Afterall, each moment a music director spends on coordination tasks is a moment they could be working with a student. YOUR student.

So stop websurfing and start emailing to get involved.

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