Choral Rehearsal Procedures

Starting Rehearsal: First walk in, grab your music folder and spit out your gum. Place any personal belongings and bags under the tallest platforms at the back of the room. Do not set backpacks on empty floor space around platforms.

You may talk quietly AT YOUR SEAT until the bell, then become silent for announcements and attendance. Materials required for class should be brought in daily.

During Rehearsal: Students are expected to have a pencil available at all times. Do not write in your music with pen. You may also be asked to get out your planner, so have that in close proximity. Always raise your hand when requesting the teacher’s attention and stay quiet through-out the class so everyone is allowed an organized and learning environment.

Ending Rehearsal: Place music back in your folder correctly and then take to the folio cabinet. Straighten your chair on the platform, pick up any papers left on the floor and then pick up your personal belongings from under the tall platforms and wait by either exit for bell or teacher dismissal. Do not block the entry/exit while waiting for dismissal.

Checking Out Music: You must check-out your music in order to take it home. Check-out sheets are located above the folio cabinets where your music folders are stored.

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