Winter Performances

Dec 11th: “Winter Expressions” Winter Instrumental Concert 7:00pm, LNE Auditorium, FREE Dec 13th: “Candlelight Gala” Winter Vocal Concert 7:00pm, LNE Auditorium, FREE Dec 17th: Gateway Mall Winter Instrumental Performance 2pm- Orchestra, 3pm- Honors Jazz Band, FREE


All students participating in NSAA (Nebraska State Activities Association) sanctioned events (such as NSBA Marching Contest and District Music Large Ensemble), must adhere to the eligibility standards held by both NSAA and LNE. You can visit the LNE athletic home page, or the NSAA home page to find additional information on requirements to stay eligible. […]


Music classes will have different expenses. Here are some basic necessities and AVERAGE cost NOT INCLUDING the cost of any trips taken throughout the school year. Fee Waivers and Fund-raisers are used to help students obtain financial assistance. A six-month payment plan is used for all classes that exceed $150. LNE Singers (Mens/Women’s Choir): $28 […]

LNE Music Booster Meeting Notes April 10, 2017

Treasurer’s Report: Checking Account: $27,337.21   Instrument Fund (formerly Savings): $2,832.70   Student Accounts: $4,422.30 Spring Swing retrospective: Too much food – kids thought Canes was too expensive; we make more on the pizzas; only have one option next year Some kids left early b/c no balloon drop; discuss alternatives for next year Waiting on invoice from Josh […]

Choral Rehearsal Procedures

Starting Rehearsal: First walk in, grab your music folder and spit out your gum. Place any personal belongings and bags under the tallest platforms at the back of the room. Do not set backpacks on empty floor space around platforms. You may talk quietly AT YOUR SEAT until the bell, then become silent for announcements […]

Instrumental Rehearsal Procedures

Starting Rehearsal: Come in already prepared, grab your music folder at the top of the steps, spit out your gum and begin setting up chairs and stands. This should be done with your stand partner. One person is responsible for the two chairs and the other should get the stand. Next get out instruments, leaving the […]

What is Show Band?

Show Band is an instrumental performing ensemble that plays the music for the competitive Show Choir Show. This ensemble is a lot of fun. Show Band rehearses and competes along side of both Voices ‘N’ Harmony and Dynamix. There is a lot of recognition and it is a great way for vocal and instrumental students to […]