Lettering Packets

Lettering packet Lettering packets are due each year in mid April. ALL students are to turn in a lettering packet, regardless of whether enough points will be obtained this year to receive a letter or not. For students that plan to receive a letterman letter or pin this year- a reminder that letterman/women must be […]

Maintain Eligibility

Students need to uphold passing grades in order to stay eligible for all LPS/LNE activities and athletics. If a student is receiving anything below a C in any of their classes, we strongly recommend that they begin utilizing “Rocket House”. “Rocket House” is a studying location in the LNE Media Center for all students. Teachers […]


School Grading Scale:            District Grading Scale:                         LNE Music Scale: A =90-100                                        80% Summative Assessments           […]

Absence Policy

Daily participation points do not need to be made up unless they become excessive resulting in multiple low weekly participation grades. Communication is necessary when students are missing for other LNE activities such as athletics or other extra curricular or academic purposes. When absent for school activities, points are not lost, make-up assignments do not […]