Instrumental Rehearsal Procedures

Starting Rehearsal: Come in already prepared, grab your music folder at the top of the steps, spit out your gum and begin setting up chairs and stands. This should be done with your stand partner. One person is responsible for the two chairs and the other should get the stand. Next get out instruments, leaving the […]

The Adams Family lead cast

LEADS Lurch- Payton Merchant – Lurch Understudy- TBA Wednesday- Jadyn Keller – Wednesday Understudy- Sara Naylor Alice- Lily Murphy – Alice Understudy- Aubrey Smith Fester- Dylan Goodrich – Fester Understudy- Kendell Stroughter Mal- Elliott Mandeville – Mal Understudy- TBA Grandma- Riley Schwartztrauber – Grandma Understudy- Rachel Rockemann Morticia- Xochitl Perez – Morticia Understudy- Anna Haas Pugsley- Evan Miller – Pugsley Understudy- Kirsten Eickhoff […]

Heads Up

“HEADS UP!”- the LPS reminder app and replacement for last year’s Remind 101 is now up and running! Each director will send out directions for you to get signed up for reminders. Please make sure that you are signed up for Heads Up for each group you/your student is in.

What is Show Band?

Show Band is an instrumental performing ensemble that plays the music for the competitive Show Choir Show. This ensemble is a lot of fun. Show Band rehearses and competes along side of both Voices ‘N’ Harmony and Dynamix. There is a lot of recognition and it is a great way for vocal and instrumental students to […]

Handling Concerns

Students, parents and staff members are expected to handle concerns in a respectful manner and order. Document your concern in either a note or e-mail with a phone number for the teacher to call for conferencing. This concern should not be discussed publically. Put it in a sealed envelope and place in the teacher’s mailbox. […]

Expectations for Rooms & Equipment

All instruments need to be stored in cases and locked in lockers. All music is to be stored in folders and put in the folio cabinets. Not lockers or storage rooms or floor. Instruments need to be wiped down EVERY time a student plays them. Percussion equipment is not to be moved out of its […]

ParentVue – Get Connected

If you have not yet signed up for Parent Vue, please do this right away. We DO NOT recommend looking at your child’s gradebook through their Student Vue. Please sign up to have your own access. The LNE Music Department uses the Parent Vue portal to communicate. Emails are sent to Parent Vue directly from […]