Absence Policy

Daily participation points do not need to be made up unless they become excessive resulting in multiple low weekly participation grades. Communication is necessary when students are missing for other LNE activities such as athletics or other extra curricular or academic purposes. When absent for school activities, points are not lost, make-up assignments do not apply and excusal requests are not needed. For any other “Excused” absence, make-up practice time and assignments will apply.

Absence Request Procedure : Evening Rehearsals, Dress Rehearsals and Performances

  1. Obtain a “REQUEST FOR EXCUSED ABSENCE” form from any of the music rooms. These should be located on the bulletin board at the front of the room and can also be found at lnerocketmusic.org. These are to be filled out for personal absence requests. Other school conflicts do not require the absence form, but do require communication to the teacher that the student has another school function to attend.
  2. Fill out this form, have a parent sign and turn back in at least two weeks before your requested absence. For large events such as concerts and programs, a month’s notice is preferred.
  3. Turn in the form at the music dept. office located in the choir room (170).
  4. The teacher in charge for your class will notify you if there is concern or the absence will not be excused.
  5. Fill out “Absence Practice Log” and have directors sign off on make-up practice time. Practice rooms will be open in both the large instrumental room and choir room starting at 7:30am and will remain open until 4:00pm. Earlier or later requests need to be made in advance.
  6. If a make-up can be assigned that clearly reflects the content missed, this will be done at the discretion of the director. This can come in the form of a writing assignment, a make-up practice log or class performance.

PolicyIf the absence is excused, the student will be allowed and expected to make up their points by putting in before/after school practice time or complete a teacher assigned project. If a student’s absence is not excused, the student will not be allowed to make up the missing points. Should the request form not be turned in at all, the absence is automatically unexcused. Here-say from another student as to why another student is gone will not be tolerated. Students and/or parents are expected to communicate directly with the music teachers for emergencies.

Unexcused- Failing to have transportation is not an excusable absence. Having to babysit or work is also un-excusable. Students are expected to be responsible and let work know of required school events prior to their schedule being made. Unexcused absences have a large impact on grades since most of the points given in music classes are reflected through participation and attendance. Parents are encouraged not to use participation in school music rehearsals, performances or other required activities as a means of discipline.

Multiple attendance concerns may result in student’s removal from a performing ensemble.

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