9 Tips For Show Choir Success

1. Go to every practice- During competition season, every little move or note can be changed from one minute to another. Practice time is crucial for the group to be able to be as cohesive as possible. The practice schedule can seem heavy, but the results are amazing.

2. Cut your leaders some slack- Competition season can turn show choir leaders into godzillas. Every flat note and missed step ticks them off. You need to be as understanding as possible. Leaders give their all to lead the group to victory, all you have to do is listen.

3. Sing from your soul- Singing is the most important part of the performance and can accounts for 50 percent of the whole performance score. Knowing your music and singing on pitch is a top priority.

4. Dance your heart out- Dance choreographers can be intimidating. They might hurt your feelings, but they’re trying to get you to fix that crooked arm or get on beat. Their their persistence will transform you into an incredible performer, even if you start with zero dance experience.

5. Care for your costumes- Forgetting a piece of your wardrobe could prevent you from performing. Your group needs you on stage dressed and ready, not sitting on the sidelines because you misplaced your shoes, or a point deduction due to your untucked shirt.

6. Channel your nervousness- When you’re about to go on stage you’ll get that feeling that you want to run to the nearest bathroom. Don’t let stomach butterflies turn into stage-fright. Channel your nerves into mentally keeping your performance in check. You got this!

7. Never stop smiling- It helps the audience connect and feel the message that you are portraying in your dancing and singing. You’re not used to having your face in a grin for 15 minutes straight and it might feel ridiculous, but it is the easiest way to win competition points. Smile non-stop and show how much fun you’re having.

8. Demonstrate sportsmanship- At competitions you are representing Lincoln Northeast as a whole. Be positive and a good sport, especially in disappointing situations. Show we are professional, we respect the judges and fellow competitors and take competitions seriously.

9. Enjoy every minute- Show Choir is an amazing experience that you get to live out for only a handful of years. Give it 110% and enjoy the rush of coming off stage feeling like a winner. You’ll feed off each other’s energy convinced you’ve given a performance of a lifetime. No matter what the scores, make memories that you will look back on and treasure in your heart forever.

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